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Close to Home | Pinay Psychic in Hawaii

Ambing or more popularly known as Amiah Love online has always had the sight for the other world. By other world, we mean the spirit world. Thinking that everybody could see what she has been seeing, Amiah just thought it to be normal. “I could see spirits of deceased persons and I thought that everybody could see the same, so I did not tell anyone about it,” says Amiah Love.

This woman who hails from the Visayas and now resides in Hawaii shares an experience when she was only four years old. “We had a neighbor who died and we buried her. After the burial, I visited her garden. I was sitting there when suddenly our dead neighbor appeared! She was pointing to her plants. I figured that that spirit wants me to take care of her plants,” Amiah Love confesses.

“I have been making accurate predictions since I was eleven years old. At that age, my brother showed me a poster of Menudo and I was just looking at Ricky Martin and I said to myself that Ricky Martin was gay. And in 2010, he came out. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I have a lot of friends in LGBTQ community. But it was not until I was 15 that I realized that this gift that I have is not easily available to others (or maybe they have forgotten about it).”

One most memorable experience for her was way back in 2013 when she predicted that her mother had low thyroid hormones. “I had continuously asked her for a check up. In August 2015, I told my mother to see an oncologist but she kept putting it off. In December 2015, when she finally went to see a doctor, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer.

But the most interesting thing here is that in March 2014, I had experienced the symptoms of my mother. It was so difficult, I kept seeing the doctor but there were no findings. They’re all documented. In fact, I experienced three deaths in that same month. There was an instance when I was no longer breathing but I still made it to the hospital.

I really felt that I was going to die, so I negotiated with the Heavens and said ‘Please let me live and I promise to serve humanity.’

Many other sorts of these things had been predicted by Amiah but she only became brave and revealed to the public in 2018 that she has this ability to foretell the future and heal people who have ailments,”I had been running away from this gift for so long. I had kept quiet but my guardian angel encouraged me to speak and no longer play small.” Amiah Love drew a huge following on social media services when she predicted who will win the Ms. Universe 2018, Hollywood celebrities call her and meet her over breakfast or dinner for a forecasting and psychic advice.

Over time Amiah Love grew her internal capacities; around the year 2017-2018, she has learned to recognize an illness of a person just through voice recognition. And in 2018, I can identify the zodiac sign of a person just by looking at his or her picture.

When Amiah Love was asked for a prediction in the coming years, she immediately shared what she foresaw:

“From 2020 -2026, it is best to have an open mind because these will be the years for humanity. This year and the upcoming ones will favor a leadership of male and female partnerships. We will see many dramatic shifts until 2026; and the times will be focusing more on taking care of nature and on showing more love and respect.

The world will also go through a lot of huge restructuring. I also see that an Universal Base Income for every individual will b put in place. Many original, eccentric, and shocking things will be noticed. The world will also be experiencing extreme weathers and earthquakes. There will also be many cases of sudden deaths like that of Kobie Bryant.

In the years 2020-2026, the Universe will absolutely support the creative arts and agriculture. The world will see more farmers and the farmers will earn more than they’ve had. People of different races will also come to fore and new ideas will be born. Women will really shine too!

With Uranus transiting in Taurus, these years will favor a female ruler. The minds will change and there will be loosening of materialism. We will see rich people give away their money because they will now see that money is not, after all, the most important thing!

Also, filmmaking, publishing, and other creative works will be celebrated. Psychics, healers, and people with spiritual gifts will be coming out from their hiding!”

As a message to everyone, she is asking to maximize hidden talents and capacities, especially those who are in the creative field; and to have no fear from the big picture.

Amiah Love launched her website Love First, the ultimate key to success in 2015. There she’d give help to people who need spiritual advice. Recently, she launched her podcast Amiah Love, it’s available in iTunes, Google App, and Spotify. You can look her up on Instagram and Facebook: @AmiahLove

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