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Editorial | Bigger challenges

Today marks the start of the new normal as modes of transportation are set to start and more economic activities are expected to take place.

Given that the hands of government, both local and national, have already been full even before the start of the pandemic, the need for cooperation of the people and the entire private sector cannot be understated.

Then there is the preparation for the new school year as this part of the new normal is a big challenge especially for the families of poor children and their schools.

There is this notion that because of the upcoming events, this might provide us with the wrong impression that we could just go back to our normal activities with reckless abandon even when the danger of getting infected hovers on everyone of us.

It is in this context that we must remind ourselves that we need to steadfastly hold our guard more than the period when the government ordered the strictest implementation of quarantine protocols. It is at this time when everyone must take extra precaution to ensure that they, their families, their neighbors and everyone that they have contact with would be safe.

Otherwise, the challenges that we faced before today would be nothing compared with what we might face. And we are never prepared for the consequences.

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