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Letter to the Editor | On false information on COVID-19 in Haran

We, from PASAKA-SMR will give our side on the false allegations disseminated by the media regarding the death of the two children inside the sanctuary as caused by COVID-19.

The news was published by two media networks which came from a report, however, its source was not stated.

We want to reiterate:

1. The result of the parents of the first child who died last May 9, will be given this week. But according to the initial report from the barangay, it was stated that they have negative results. We ask the authorities to present the results to avoid discrimination to the family and the Lumad.

2. The parents of the second child are quarantined inside the Haran Sanctuary under the health protocols of the state guided by our volunteer doctors to avoid transmission.

3. How can they say that there is COVID-19 case inside Haran and the Lumad if there is no mass testing conducted? First and foremost, no one went outside from the sanctuary during the enhanced community quarantine because we are not given Food and Medicine pass from the LGU and they told us that we should not be even here.

As the COVID-19 Health Emergency started, we implemented health protocols to arm ourselves against the virus. Through the help of our volunteer doctors, we implemented social distancing, handwashing before entering the compound, and made regular health consultations.

The spreading of fake information towards us is degrading us, as if we are ignorant, don’t really have legitimate demands, and create trouble here in Davao City. Is disinformation and misinformation prohibited under RA 11332 also known as Bayanihan to Heal as One?

Before, we faced a dengue outbreak here in the city, no one inside the sanctuary died. This time, we are saddened that two children died. However, this only shows that Haran is the same with the poor communities in the city, who experience worse situations because of the lockdown, did not receive any food packs from the government or can go outside to seek food.

We call on to those spreading disinformation to stop and that they will be charged appropriate sanction for this.

We join the Filipino people in calling mass testing to prevent the COVID-19 transmission and receive enough food assistance and health concerns.



Datu Mentroso Malibato

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