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Editorial | An opportunity

Although there are many others, one major uncertainty that the virus has caused is the one that is being faced by schools, particularly public schools. And what has aggravated the situation are the contradicting announcements from concerned officials.

For example, even on the date on which the new school year should start, there have been debates. Compounding this is the seeming move of some politicians to ride on the issue just so they could hog the headlines.

In relation to education, the challenge looms large on those school children who live in rural areas and their teachers because, even before the pandemic, the facilities of the schools that they go to are not only lacking, but in not few cases, are obsolete. Sometimes, because of politics, positions for public school teachers in these schools are also wanting.

Taking all these into account, it would be better for the Department of Education, and even the Commission on Higher Education for tertiary education, to look at how to minimize the disruption in the system so that both the teachers and the children can cope with the challenges.

For example, it would be outright stupid for these schools to adopt even the so-called blended system – a system that allows online and traditional learning mechanisms – when they do not even have computers or something that resembles these facilities.

Although it is always proper to come up with a common policy, the fact that these schools are always late in the game, it would be better for the agencies to craft policies that are apt to be implemented in their setting.

Also, to ensure that they are able to catch up with the more advanced public schools, the government should pour more resources into them not only to improve their standing, but also to at least slowly address the neglect that they have suffered for the longest time.

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