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Editorial | Be mindful of the consequences

Today, the city and most parts of the country are transitioning to what experts brand as general community quarantine as more workplaces and businesses are expected to resume operations.

Workers both in government and the private sector are itching to go back to their workplaces, although authorities, particularly the city government, warn that the situation does not resemble the situation prior to the pandemic.

So those who will go back to work should ensure that they are familiar with the protocols that have been put in place by the government and their offices, among these are the wearing of face masks and the physical distancing.

In entering their workplaces, they must not relax their guard because in doing so will not only endanger themselves, but their co-workers and even their families. They must make sure that they take to their hearts all these nuances so that by principle of adaptability, they always follow these even unwittingly.

Of course, there are always hard-headed individuals who are always unmindful of the threat. Authorities must ensure that they follow the law These people deserve the penalty for endangering others, including their relatives.

Complacency must not have any place in the society as the entire world continues its battle against the pandemic.

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