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Honoring My Mother | Flying above negativity

With a lot of things happening all at once in this time of COVID-19, and having an equal lot to think about and do, surely the toll on anyone begins to feel like slowly rising lava. This mental anguish that comes with today’s uncertainties, plus feelings of helplessness and hopelessness become the commonly shared emotions among a population already corralled into submission through self-isolation and social distancing. Collateral damage.

With that said, can a pause therefore, or a rethink, and a new approach be effected to uncoil the stressful fix everyone is presently in? Medical experts say so, and believe this and to be more than necessary.

When the pandemic first made its presence earlier in the year, the worldwide panic buying that ensued said it all. Wallowing in self-pity, blaming and eventually envying others, and for some, perceiving opportunities that take advantage of the suffering of others, were the surely predictable traits we witnessed in some, and frankly, who’s even surprised anymore? Human nature, said some who had seen the same phenomenon during earlier disasters and wars. In a mental sense, the slow breakdown may have begun in those moments, then worsened further by these months of quarantine.

To go back at uncoiling the tightening nerves in everyone, and ensuring our mental health, here’s a rundown of what to do, what to do. At the top of my head, you might want to add to this list:

● Pick a hobby
● Give yourself a little sunshine
● Exercise daily
● Plan your meals
● Avoid negative posts on social media
● Actually reading, as opposed to online reading.
● Help others in any way you can
● Learn a new skill or business
● Lastly, organize all these under a schedule.

In a related subject, a new normal unfolds before us, and the onset of post-COVID-19 is sure to feature the following scenarios: Food and drug shortages, and large-scale or massive unemployment among our populace. The loss of jobs, as a result of industries closing during the course of the pandemic, will be a real struggle when it translates to feeding people and families.

As such, to start now and to push towards natural sustainability as our individual action against this coming reality is only practical. Returning to planting herbs and vegetables, be it in your gardens and wherever will provide food security at least.

Replicating this may hopefully even create a surplus, which in turn could later open one to engage in simple trade. The sale of these and other homemade items might later follow. Simply put, let us just be realistic about the whole thing and say “back to square one” if ever that happens.

Finally, as an end to this dystopian imaging, no one, rich or poor, farmer or politician, laborer or CEO will have truly escaped the impositions posed by the coronavirus. True, while some may have even fared better in terms of opportunities at medical treatment and the like, the threat and the probability of death, will remain the same for all.
In a sense, so thorough and complete is COVID-19’s levelling of the playing field that even social distinctions will have become almost meaningless when all is over. Too Mad Max enough for you?


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