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Cultural Potpourri | Waterfront Insular Hotel-Davao’s ‘Grab & Go’

It has been more than a month since I last ate in one of Davao’s fine restaurants and hotels. And I truly miss the culinary experience in this time of terrible deprivation that we are undergoing. With the Covid 19 pandemic disaster and the eventual lockdown in Davao City, hotels, restaurants, bars, among other businesses catering to the hospitality industry, were forced to close their doors as we all know by this time.  One can only imagine how many percent of these establishments’ workforce was forced to stay at home or even laid off and thus, have to eventually rely heavily on irregular food rations and money from the government and/or generous private individuals, companies and organizations to survive.

Yes, when restaurants, hotels and bars are forced to close down, it’s not only the employees of these businesses who suffer but also the suppliers, among others, who also have their own employees to support.  It’s truly a ripple effect which others do not seem to realize.

Innovation is the name of the game in order to survive this horrible crisis which some have likened as if it were WW III we are presently facing head on.  Creative and imaginative business establishments are truly working hard to meet the needs of people, the consumers, in the present crisis.

“Things will eventually get better.  Surround yourself with positive thoughts and good food,” is Waterfront Insular Hotel-Davao’s Sales & Marketing Manager Jennifer Ricardo-Romero’s good piece of advice.  “With the current situation, things are changing quickly.  Diners stay indoors and are avoiding anything with a crowd if they have to leave the safety of their homes.  But this situation hasn’t prevented Davaoenos from wanting to enjoy good food at all.  In response to the numerous requests from our loyal patrons, Waterfront Insular Hotel-Davao now offers the ‘Grab & Go’ Pickup and/or Delivery of our delicious culinary offerings lovingly made by our executive chef Anna Marie ‘Mimi’ V. Briones.  Chef Mimi, who studied Cookery in Japan, has trained and worked in Dubai and Switzerland for years before deciding to return home to Davao,” said the smiling Jennifer as she handed me personally in the comforts of my home Grab & Go specialties like beef salpicao and stuffed squid in marinara sauce.  Included in the Grab & Go menu are chef Mimi’s specialties like stuffed mushroom pork loin with gravy, pork belly confit, beef rendang, pan fried blue marlin, chicken parmigiana, chicken cordon bleu, among many other delights.  Oh yes, after the long abstinence, food lovers can now enjoy Waterfront Insular Hotel’s all time favorite gourmet dishes, various gourmet breads, and pastries, pizzas and pastas. There is also the ‘Favorites To Share Tray’ which is good for six to eight diners to feast on served right in the convenience and comfort of your home.

  “You just have to call for reservation for pick up at least 30 minutes ahead of time.  Pick up hours are anytime between 12 noon and 5:00 pm daily.  Send your order form (name, address, order, pick up time) to 0939-7688-178 via text message or call 233-2881 local 8707,” informs Jennifer.

For delivery service, a hassle-free transaction is required wherein customers place their orders by filling out an order form to be texted to 0939-7688-178 for Rider Dash Davao which will bring your orders to your doorstep.  “We at Waterfront Insular Hotel-Davao are giving you the utmost convenience and assurance for your safety,” promises Jennifer.

This is truly a challenging time for us.  But do enjoy the culinary expertise of Waterfront Insular Hotel-Davao. Support our very own.  Thank you, Jennifer Ricardo-Romero, for the information and the culinary treat which went with it.  

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