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Honoring my Mother | Cuts and other errors

I cut myself last night, at the near end part of our pizza dinner, while slicing ripe mangoes for dessert. No big fuss really; my two housemates even half-teased and berated me for my being consistent, consistently absent-minded and careless, that is. My son may have been a little worried about my sore thumb but in the overall scheme and balance of things, finishing his remaining slices of the S&R treat was still top priority.

While the last time that such a thing happened must have been a year ago, at that time while cutting veggies for salad, being a bit spacey and a slop had also been the main reasons for that accident, a hopeless daydream believer that I am.

Then much later in the evening, as was always the case, I had asked them what would they suggest I write about in my next column, these two permanent muses unanimously agreed that I should do a piece about my wounded thumb. Or wounded pride.

A lot of relatable events in the world today can appear to run parallel with or similar to my little mishap last night. For one, just as any insignificant aching wound can be felt by the whole body, the runaway microscopic virus presently out there has proven to exact widespread damage to the whole body of humanity.

As for my carelessness, many governments have become guilty of the same. Their trying to look down on the coronavirus’ lethality, had resulted in regretting their decisions later when their death toll began to rise. Like myself, they just weren’t simply paying close attention, hence the hurt.

Meanwhile, there is that grasshopper mentality where we all tend to take things easy and for granted while the sun shines. This evidently becomes a huge downside when indeed, bad things happen and everyone is suddenly caught flat-footed .

Included here is our propensity for wasteful consumption which we only realize and then eventually regret during direr times. In my case, I have been remiss in the thought that first-aid gauze and med plasters were not really important, but alas, I found myself frantically scrounging for such things lying about during my little emergency.

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