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Zero cases not a license to be complacent: Tagum

With the reported recovery of the last remaining confirmed COVID-19 patient in Tagum City, the local government has warned the public against being complacent.

The city government said in a statement that “while it is tempting to declare that Tagum is already COVID-free, external threats are still present.”

“Tagumenyos are reminded not to be overconfident because the war against the invisible enemy is still far from over,” it said.

The city government urged the public to be wary as there are still six suspected and 47 probable COVID-19 cases.

“What does it mean? The threat of COVID-19 remains high in Tagum City. Even if we no longer have active cases of COVID-19 in our city, we cannot be complacent because we are not yet done from our fight against the coronavirus,” it said.

The city government said the zero number of cases is not a license for everybody to go anywhere. People need to adjust to the new normal, until such time when the vaccine for the virus will be developed.

The Department of Health-Davao Center for Health Development (DCDH) has previously reported a total of 10 COVID-19 positive patients in the province of Davao del Norte, with a concentration in Tagum City.

On April 6, Tagum City has recorded nine confirmed cases from five of its barangays. It was found out that four of the COVID-19 patients were from Barangay Visayan Village, two from Barangay Magugpo East, one from Barangay Madaum, and one from Barangay Apokon.

Meanwhile, on May 1, the DOH reported one new positive case from Tagum City (Barangay Visayan Village), bringing a total number of 10 confirmed COVID-19 positive in the province of Davao del Norte, which was then reported to have recovered the following day.

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