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Davao de Oro prepares for transition into general CQ

The Province of Davao de Oro is planning its next move under the general community quarantine (GCQ) on the recommendation of the national government.

“We are currently studying this together with the Regional Inter-Agency Task Force of Davao region, with the mayors of Davao de Oro, and with our medical specialists,” said Governor Tyron Uy in a statement on Tuesday.

The national government announced the extension of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) on identified COVID-19 high-risk areas until May 15. Three areas in the region, including Davao de Oro, were among the areas identified but subject for a reevaluation.

On Tuesday, the national government identified the areas that will extend the ECQ, and Davao de Oro and Davao del Norte were already excluded this time.

Uy noted that under the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No. 29, Subject B, provincial governors were directed to implement ECQ and other measures with the approval of the regional IATF.

“They believe that we know our situation better and we have the right people to chart our direction,” he said.

The governor stressed that there is a need to consider the scientific evidence provided by the medical experts here before implementing the next move for the necessary quarantine measures.

“If we are going to base it from the assessment of the doctors, the two incubation cycles that we need to have will last until May 5,” governor Uy said.

“The last case of COVID-19 that we have recorded here was on April 7, 2020. For us to ensure that there is no more or there is a low chance of having a virus in a certain area, it must be able to pass two incubation cycles, where one cycle requires 14 days, and the second cycle has 28 days,” he added.

Uy said he is still soliciting the expert advice of the doctors and other involved parties before making an announcement.

“We want this to be a right and collective decision because what is at stake here is our lives, health, well-being, safety, security, and livelihood,” he said.
The governor also asked his constituents to be patient as the local government does not want to rush a decision.

“We are talking about lives. And as what I have said before, we cannot forgive ourselves should there be anything bad that will happen to you,” governor Uy said.

The provincial governor is set to call for a meeting on April 30 with the regional task force to further discuss the transition.

“Whatever it is that will be agreed, we can assure that this is for everybody. We are not after anything ill for us. For now, I am asking you to follow all the health protocols in social distancing, handwashing, staying at home, and listening only to legitimate information,” he said.

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