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Community transmission likely as no clear source on confirmed cases

Some individuals in the city who tested positive for COVID-19 had no known exposures.

In an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio on Monday, Mayor Sara Duterte said the Department of Health (DOH) has intensified its community case-finding within the COVID-19 affected areas to scout for more individuals who might be carriers.

“The DOH was wondering why there has been an increase of cases despite our efforts,” she said.

She said they are still trying to ascertain the possible sources of infection since these individuals claimed to have no travel histories nor exposure to Matina Gallera derby.

The health team went to Barangay Daliao in Toril District to conduct contact tracing since some COVID-19 positive individuals were alleged to be from the area.

“There are those people who will not go to hospitals if they will not be traced,” she said. “We should really conduct the contact tracing for us to know who are those individuals with the disease because there have been instances that people acquired the disease with an undetermined source.”

She also said that the intensified case finding in affected communities was recommended by the city’s health experts. Some of these individuals were asymptomatic, which makes it harder for them to determine whether they have acquired the disease or not.

“There are also instances that these people have no symptoms at all. There are also those who have very mild symptoms that we cannot say if it’s COVID-19 or just a regular cold or cough,” she said.

She said that the intensified contact tracing will help the city contain the virus as people who already have the disease without their knowledge will now be identified.

“We can get (the virus) from grocery supermarkets, food delivery services or take out counters in restaurants. So we must double our efforts in taking the necessary measures so that we will not acquire this disease,” she said.

She also reminded the public to refrain from going out of their houses to prevent further transmission of the disease.

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