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Random Thoughts | What are your principles in life?

“Individuals may have their own life principles that have worked well for them in achieving their goals and objectives. Come up with your own life principles that will make you a better and happier person. It will enable you to make a difference in this world.” (Georgia S. Chua, “Life Principles”, BUSINESS OPTION, Manila Bulletin, February 6, 2020)


Webster defined principle as “the ultimate source of cause, a fundamental truth, law etc. upon which others are based, a rule of conduct, or integrity.” Here it would mean basically as “a rule of conduct.”

Mr. Chua, in his above-mentioned column, listed down and briefly explained his 12 “Life Principles which has guided” him “well through these many years.” These are:

1. You win some and you lose some.
2. Think long term.
3. Best time to make friends with people is when you don’t need anything from them.
4. ‘Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
5. Arriving early is better than being late.
6. Never lose hope.
7. Travel light.
8. Prioritize and know what is important.
9. Karma: is real and will catch up with you eventually.
10. It is not enough to work hard, it is better to work smart.
11. If you can’t be generous with your money, at least be generous with your kindness.
12. Always have a contingency or backup plan whenever possible.
My own life principles are:
1. Values values. The greatest of the values is love. But fully understand also the right hierarchy of values, such as love of God first, then love of country or neighbors before the love of family. Spirituality is higher than religiosity and integrity is higher than prosperity.
2. Time is gold. Don’t waste time or gold.
3. Health is wealth. Always remember that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
4. The surest formula for true success is to always place your life in the hands of God.
5. Value friendship. Genuine friendship is based on mutual respect.
6. Hope springs eternal.
7. The greatest gift God has given me is my life. My greatest gift I can give God in return is what I will do with my life.
8. “Write a book and plant a tree and be immortal,” as the saying goes. I’ve written a number of books and planted many trees but what I think will make me really immortal is if I live a Godly life.
9. I truly believe that all things are created twice. First, it is created in the mind. Second, it is created through action. That’s how things happen in this world.
10. While the love of money is the root of all evil, lack of money may create also many evils. To avoid evils, earn money the honest way.
11. Character building should be our major concern for character is the personal foundation of an individual. Good character spells good citizens.
12. I believe in servant leadership, leadership by example, and transformative leadership all in one.
13. A vision with mission succinctly written and stated should be the guiding star of our journey in life towards heaven.
14. Education is a continuing process. A beautiful and healthy mind is one thing I truly behold.
These 14 principles are what me, Chito R. Gavino III, who I am.
Let’s all try to make a difference to be a person for others, to be ready to be “broken and shared by others,” to be the “light and salt of the earth,” to be better citizens and make our country a better place to live and die in.
Write to us and share your life principles for our further education.
My fellow opinion-writer, Evelyn Pajaron, recently wrote in her “Family Life” column in this broadsheet: four sound principles… in finding the love of one’s life.” These are:
1. Parent’s involvement “in the matter of finding a suitable life partner for their children.”
2. “Trusted people were enlisted to help… to get” a wife/husband.
3. The mission to find a wife/husband was borne with love and lots of prayers.
4. Reliance “on God’s sovereign guidance.”
People looking for a future life-long partner should consider Pajaron’s four principles above.
In my case, four principles were also involved in finding the woman I married. These are: 1) Mutual physical and emotional attraction; 2) Maturity and extra intelligence because I want to have bright children, and we did; 3) Parent’s approval, and 4) Prayers.

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