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16 streets locked down

Sixteen street lockdowns are implemented following reports of confirmed COVID-19 cases in various areas.

In an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio on Friday, Mayor Sara Duterte said that 16 security teams were deployed to guard each area. However, she did not disclose the names of the said streets.

She also said that some household lockdowns were implemented. This means that no one can get in or out of their respective areas or households to prevent further transmission.

With the reports of positive cases in some areas, the mayor immediately approved the lockdowns either in streets, households or barangay zones to mitigate the threat of transmitting the disease to others.

“We have to implement this kind of measure to control the movement of the people and prevent the further spread of the virus,” she said.

It has also been agreed during their meeting with the COVID-19 City Task Force meeting that a “no entry, no exit” policy will be implemented. Checkpoint personnel will be deployed to man and monitor residents in an area.

She also said that barangay officials were given the authority to decide whether to implement a lockdown or not, depending on the situation.

“Our barangay captains have implemented means to control the movement of people by way of checking their FM pass to determine if the person is only roaming around. It is a control measure to check the persons who go out on the streets,” she said.

She also said that they decided to close some areas so that people will be forced to pass by the checkpoints.

The 16 street lockdowns in the city covered several families. The police and military established 18 checkpoints. Meanwhile, 38 police personnel, 16 Bureau of Fire Protection personnel, 75 barangay security volunteers, and 114 Davao Auxiliary members were deployed to ensure that the quarantine measures are enforced.

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