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P113.9-M allotted for SAP, P21-M for seniors in Mati

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has allocated P113.9 million for the identified beneficiaries of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) and another P21 million for the pension of senior citizens affected by the enhanced community quarantine in Mati City.

Based on the press statement, the DSWD has identified 18,985 beneficiaries in the city to receive the cash assistance amounting to P6,000 each. Also, 7,110 senior citizens in the city will receive their six-month worth of pension amounting to P3,000 each.

In cooperation with the barangay officials, the DSWD has already covered 70% of its validation on the masterlist of potential beneficiaries.

Upon the submission of the masterlist to the DSWD, the agency will then conduct cross-matching with other national agencies to further screen the beneficiaries.

This week, the agency will start releasing the SAP fund, starting with the geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas like the barangays of Lanca, Luban, and Cabuaya, with around 400 family beneficiaries.
The city government hopes to cover the other barangays before the end of April.

“The masterlist of SAP beneficiaries will be conspicuously posted in every barangays so that the people would be aware,” the city government said.

The city government also said that any beneficiaries of the SAP found to have lied on their social amelioration card or caught using financial assistance in buying liquor, illegal drugs, and gambling will be asked to return the money and would no longer receive any assistance from the government in the future.

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