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5 online short courses you can take for practical upskilling

With the temporary need to stay indoors, these courses will equip you with skills that will help you beyond the quarantine period

The enhanced community quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly changed workplaces around the country. For the time being, most people are tasked to stay at home, with companies adapting to a remote working set-up. 

Without having to leave home for work and spend precious hours to commute through trafficjams, a lot of people now find that they have a lot of extra time in their hands. This idle time can be turned into an opportunity for upskilling and taking online short courses is one the best ways to do so.

“Our philosophy at AMA has always been that learning never stops. Using this time to continue studying through online short courses not only adds to your skillset, it also helps you emerge more equipped to take on the challenges the workplace will bring post COVID-19,” said Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, Vice Chairman and CEO of AMA Education System, the school network behind the country’s first full online educational platform, AMA Online Education (AMA OEd). 

AMAOEd recommends these five online short courses that will provide you with skills that are immediately applicable, leading to opportunities to earn extra income later on. 

Course: Working Remotely
Total time needed: 5 Hours

While working from home became an instant solution during this period, it will likely become part of the norm post-COVID 19. The Working Remotely course will teach students how to create a productive work environment at home and how to avoid distractions. Part of the modules are practical skills in dealing with common challenges encountered by those who work remotely like feeling isolated, navigating office politics from a far, and mastering how to communicate virtually. 

Course: Troubleshooting Common PC Issues for Users
Total time needed:
2 Hours and 12 Minutes

Working from home a lot means being away from a reliable IT guy. This course currently offered by AMA OEd is designed to help diagnose common Windows computer issues. Students are systematically taught how to determine if an issue is hardware- or software-related, deal with common IT errors, run recovery processes, leverage the Task Manager, and restore Internet connectivity. 

Course: Knowledge Work Presentation and Software Skills

Total time needed: 60 hours

Most jobs today require a mastery of a variety of software. This short course offered by AMA OEd gives refreshersfor common applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as other open-source software that can help with presentations,emailers, and graphics. Those who take this course will also be taught the fundamentals of effective presentations, which is especially useful now when presentations are ordinarily made through online platforms. 

Course: Network Security 

Total time needed: 70 Hours 

According to a recent study by software company Trend Micro, cybercriminals are increasingly using popular online tools, sharing software, and file attachments in their scams to steal your data. With the increased number of people taking the daily aspects of work online, susceptibility to cyberthreats is even higher. AMA OEd’sNetwork Security course is highly helpful especially for small to medium business owners who have taken their business transactions online. 

The course deals with the principles of network security and the configuration for separateand shared networks. Modules include network security, encryption standards and methods, and defense measure against security threats. As more work and businesses shift online, this course helps assure that business ownersthat their undertakings remain safe from cyber harm. 

The Course:TESOL Professional Certification

Total Time Needed: 120 Hours

A popular course in AMA OEd’s platform, the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Professional Certification is a course fit for those who are looking to teach or are already teaching English. The 120-Hour refresher course gives students new approaches and strategies in teaching the English language including effective classroom presentation skills, behavioral analysis of students, and developing mentor-mentee interactions online. Those who finish the course can then teach online as a side job later on. 

AMA OEd currently has a Learn Online Now, Pay Later Program where access to different courses are free until April 30, 2020. To find out more about this and other course offerings, log on to www.amauonline.com

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