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‘No touch’ rule must be policy at checkpoint, establishments

Mayor Sara Duterte has ordered a ‘no-touch’ policy in checking the food and medicine (FM) passes at checkpoints and establishments.

In an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio, she said that the law enforcers, security guards, and other frontliners should always make sure to minimize limited or zero contact.

“We‘d like to remind our frontliners at the checkpoints, and the security guards of our establishments, do not hold the FM passes of the people because this can transmit the virus,” the city mayor warned.

She said the virus has shown to have exponential transmission, which makes it very dangerous. In the same vein, civilians are also urged to not let anyone touch their FM passes. Instead, they should present it at eye level to the authorities for inspection.

Duterte also advised the public not to touch anything, especially outside their homes.

“Clench your fists so you won’t forget that you must not touch anything anywhere,” she stressed.

Dutere cited recent doctors’ statement that transmission of the virus is not only through droplets from an infected person but also through touching an inanimate object touched by the infected person.

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