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The questions on everyone’s mind, how long is the stay-home order going to last? What lies ahead? When will things return back to normal? What will the new normal be like? All these indications of uncertainty hung like a gray cloud over our heads. Truth is, the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) perpetrated by the government as a means to slow down and eventually stop COVID-19, has brought to the surface many things that are far more valid than these raised questions.

I used to carpet-bomb and flatly label as stupid all the irate reactions of some politicians, businessmen and ordinary people alike who have stood defiant against the implementations of the stay-home directive, and most recently, the ECQ. Now, after a month, with reports of violations left and right, I am totally convinced that I should have used napalm at first opportunity.

This is not even after considering the spec needs and nuances of each sector. The limiting of personal, and day-to-day liberties simply pales in comparison to the consideration that it is for the good and survival of all, especially the ones we hold dear. There simply are no ifs and buts about it. One cannot just simply say that you are above or more important than somebody else. COVID-19 is the great leveller, and no one is immune. Especially at this time, everyone, including asymptomatic carriers cannot afford and choose to be aloof, so much as to think only of themselves, when in fact, anyone can be a prime cog and active participant in the pandemic’s lethal trail of death.

While it is tragic that people everywhere have lost jobs and livelihood, these will never be equitable with losing their lives for these pursuits. The call to ‘stay home’, two words that have never meant so much before, but now suddenly a battle cry during this life and death situation, is stupidly ignored just to favor personal and group interests and to further feed the entitled self.

How does one explain it? How can this warped perspective still exist? Is this world that has become so used to so much comfort and convenience, not at all threatened by the possibility that everything could be taken away because of such a mindset?

When taken in the context of national security, ECQ is still the most rational option lest our already limited medical capabilities become overrun if a large percentage of the population become infected by COVID-19. A legitimate post by medical front-liners says it all. What will happen to all of you when all of us are infected?”

In spite of repeated pleas by concerned members of society, a small number still go about their selfish and non-empathic ways. The sad thing is, though they may be small in number, their capability to spread the virus makes “small” important. As long as they trudge along, flattening the curve will prove to be impossible.

So, how long can the ECQ last? For as long as the threat of COVID-19 exists. For as long as these self-important individuals roam the streets.

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