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Wanderlust | Learning new skills from home

There are always two sides to every situation. In this time of the pandemic, one side obliges us to stay home to help stop the virus from spreading; the other, well, allows us to challenge ourselves on how we can make staying home productive.

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Aside from binging on NetFlix, social media and TikTok, there are also other informative ways of using our Wi-Fi, such as taking an online course.
Here are some sites and their sample courses that can make quarantine worth the while.

SKILLSHARE (skillshare.com)
Course: Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design.
Lets you discover simple, practical ways to create a space that’s uniquely yours with acclaimed stylist Emily Henderson. It helps you create rooms and spaces that feel fun, creative and unique for your friend or client.

Course: iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos
Teaches you everything you need to become a professional digital photographer using your smartphone, including basics of professional iPhone photography as well as tips and tricks. Perfect for those who want to turn digital photography into a career.

Course: Sketchbook Illustration: Draw a Personal, Colorful Travel Map
Turn your doodling into a career. Combine your love of travel and drawing to create a quirky illustrated map. Learn how to draw a ready-to-share map that captures the personality of a place you love while learning essential illustration skills. EdX (edX.org/covid-19)

Course: Epidemics I
Explore the science, prevention, and control of epidemics with lectures by leading scientists in this field and panel discussions with world-leading experts in epidemics.

Course: Introduction to Social Psychology
The course helps you understand how people think about themselves and other people and what motivates their behavior in social settings. The range of topics include how we interact and communicate with others, ways we can influence others and be influenced by others, and problematic aspects of human behavior, such as prejudice and aggression.
YouTube Learning (learnathome.withyoutube.com)

Course: The Writing Process: Study Hall Composition
In this video of study hall by Arizona State University, you will learn English and writing composition, discover better writing with “The Writing Process,” how you use it and how it can make your next writing project easier.

Course: The Facts about Fact Checking: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information

Teaches you how to fact check like the pros by walking through the steps that professionals follow, including figuring out who is behind the information we read, why they’re sharing that information, and what kind of evidence exists to back up the claim.

COURSERA (coursera.org)

Course: Disaster Preparedness
The module introduces the phases of the disaster cycle and allows you to understand each phase to develop an effective plan to keep you and your family safe and help lessen damage to human life and property.

Course: Dog Emotion and Cognition
Dog Emotion and Cognition introduces an exciting new study of dog psychology that tells us about how dogs think and feel about us, and how we can use this new knowledge to further strengthen our relationship with them.

Course: Guitar for Beginners
Learn an easy approach to get you playing quickly, through a combination of exploring the instrument, performance technique, and basic music theory.

In addition, the Technical Education and Skills DevelopmentAuthority (TESDA) is offering online education courses, such as Health, Social and other Community Development Services, Tourism, Information Technology, Agriculture, Cooking, and many more, via their website tesdaguides.com.
Online courses are not only for those who are out of work but also to those who want to enrich themselves more while working from home.

“Undoubtedly, this crisis has dramatically and drastically changed the way we used to do things. We now operate in the ‘new normal’ with different ways of coping with the situation. We have the choice to either sulk and procrastinate or be more productive with the time we have at home,” said Benralph Sanchez Yu, who works as sales manager for Wyeth Philippines, Inc.

Yu enrolled himself at Harvard Business School Online to complement his current MBA-HROD program from the Ateneo de Davao University School of Business and Governance.

“I’d like to encourage more people to find a better use of their extra time at home. My choice to enrol into online classes is my way of coping with this pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy Netflix between sessions. After all, there is time for everything,” he added.

Indeed, this is the perfect time for us to pick up new skills, increase our job prospects, find ways to earn money, and maybe even prepare to change career directions since quarantine is giving us tons of time to think of how we can proceed with our lives.

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