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Scene City | A young one’s concern for her senior mom during ECQ

Since this pandemic caused by Covid 19 is felt not only in our own country but worldwide, we have extended our concern to friends and loved ones beyond the boundaries of our own country, particularly in the United States, where most of our friends and family members now reside.

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We reached our former PWC classmate, Agnes Ong-Campo, through Viber, to ask how she was doing during this time of quarantine. Agnes joined our class in First Year, high school, from her hometown in Gumalang, Calinan. She graduated from a nursing course at the San Pedro College, worked and retired from Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She also brought her four sisters and sent them to school. She brought her parents with her to stay in the USA. Agnes’ brothers Van and Oscar graduated from the Brokenshire nursing school in Davao. Oscar,”Oca”, a classmate of Dr. Leopoldo Vega of the SPMC in Davao City, brings a team of thirty doctors – surgeons and nurses to conduct a medical mission every year in Davao City. OCA – Operation Care Abroad is based in Detroit, Michigan, USA, having consistently done this for almost ten years.

Agnes thanked us for asking about her and only daughter, Elaine Campo –Oplanic, who said “Elaine did grocery errands for me last week, and this is a perfect time to check my freezer. I miss my daily walk and gym, but I can really walk outside, but it’s still cold.” Agnes lives by herself now since her husband, Randy Campo passed away some two years ago. She and her daughter’s family spent their vacation in Davao City last July 2019.

Elaine works at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital where she works as a frontliner four nights in a row, assigned as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She considers the Covid 19 pandemic “a war, feeling terrified”, working to save lives, not only of their patients and their babies but of their own, hoping there will be enough protective equipment to last until the end of this pandemic.

Elaine is married to Tom Oplanic and has two daughters, Alana and Anika.

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