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Urban Gardening: The future is in our hands

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The most recent address of President Rodrigo Roa- Duterte to the country has seen a leader who is looking for measures and ways to fend for the whole nation. It’s tough, we all know. Listening to his speech, I cannot help but look for ways to help on the ground level. More than anything else, the crises brought about by COVID-19 first attacks the health of individuals. The quarantine measure led to another problem in the economy, and ultimately boils down to food security.

While the government resources are limited and food packs won’t be enough to cover our consumption, the time has come for the rise and nurturing takeover of urban gardening. Now more than ever, people are being called to grow their own food.

Very recently, we started organizing online gardening communes. Members do not need to belong to the same neighborhood but they will grow a variety of vegetables and they will share whatever harvest that they may have. In the Facebook Group: A Call to Soothe Mother Earth by Gardening, beginners and farm growers share various information about different ways to address challenges in the plots. There are many other groups that one may want to participate in. But the point is simply this: The future is in our hands, we cannot be slaves to dole outs and reliefs which will last for no longer than two weeks. In the first place, we have good karma because we belong to a tropical country. Our location is highly agricultural and we can really maximize the possibilities.

It is totally alright if gardening takes time for us. For some leafy plants, you can harvest after 30 days and it is better than having nothing at all. Since it will be impossible for many of us to grow many plants in our places, it is best that we collaborate with others for the concern of variety.

And so this is the call of 2020. TO go back to our origins. One day at a time, with all the uncertainty that behooves us, we can take comfort to the adage by the timeless Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in the future.” Happy Gardening!

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