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Scene City | Lilli Arellano keeping fit and active in time of ECQ

For someone who is used to an active regimen teaching others to dance, choreographer and dance studio owner Lilli Arellano is finding it challenging to spend the whole day at home.

So we asked her what she misses most during this time of community quarantine.

In answer to the question, Lilli says “In truth, no one truly wants to be quarantined at home, but honestly I miss all my various regular activities lined up weekly such as my Thursday Dancersize with the Forever Young ladies of Ladislawa Garden Village, my thrice a week BNP spiritual schedules, my Wednesday Lector schedule at the Redemptorist Church, my Dancesport training and meetings, as well as my dance teaching at my own Studio L, not to mention the household chores of doing the grocery and shopping, our lunch or dinner or just coffee or tea with my close friends and especially my dance classes.

And since we really do not have much choice now, we continued asking her what keeps her busy while staying home.

Her reply was “What better way to spend the day than indulge myself in our regular prayer warrior group to pray the Rosary and the daily masses on livestream? More time to check on the social media news and updates and group chat exchanges with my family and friends. I also now am able to focus on my new online trading to muster the skills, so to speak. Lately, I already started my dance exercises with walking as my warm-up just around my Studio L.

And yes, since the newest term in our vocabulary since Covid 19 caused us to be in Enhanced Community Quarantine. is the word ‘frontliners’, we were curious to know if she is helping frontliners, or if there are there any frontliners in her family. She answers us saying “Through social media, I share some positive posts and give my comments to boost the morale of our frontliners. My youngest daughter happens to work with the government at the DSWD and works hard to address the needs of our local citizenry although she does office work.

In concluding our exchange of questions and answers. Lilli shares her thoughts about Covid 19. “I believe that in this uncertain times now of the COVID 19, I sense a spiritual purpose behind all that is happening and many realizations in our lives.”

“First and foremost, it reminds us now that everyone in this world is born equal, regardless of our culture, our religion, occupation, our financial condition we are in or even who we are in the status of our society. Because Covid19 is not selective, no choices and treats everyone equally, it actually infects anyone, men and women, young and old, rich and poor alike. Likewise, we are reminded to be conscious of our health, how precious it is and not take things for granted. We are also reminded that perhaps these are trials, the Lord Almighty’s way to make us see the difference in this world, like families are now bonded and have more than enough time to be together, the environment is clear of pollution, our patience is tested and our concern for each one is more profound. And yes, lastly, we now become closer to God and thus feel HIS presence more in our hearts and mind as we praise HIM now every day in our renewed life.

Ligaya “Lilli” de Claro-Arellano is a choreographer, dance trainor and dancesport coach. She is also an event organizer and coordinator, the president of the Regional Dancesport Council of Davao, Inc., proprietor and owner of Studio L Dance Studio and head coach of the Studio L Dancesport Club. She is a member of the International Dance Organization (IDO) -Phildance Federation in Region Xl.

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