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Tabula Rasa | Art for the frontliners

The battle against covid-19 is far from over. We are fortunate that we have doctors, nurses and medical staff who have decided to continually work in order to help revive the covid-19 patients. They are highly exposed to the virus and despite the life-threatening risk and exhaustion add to that the discrimination they are getting, they still go to work. This is extraordinary commitment. Without them manning the covid-19 stations, we will loose more lives to this virus. We must support them.

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We hear of doctors and nurses getting sick already and many have died due to infection of this virus. That is a great loss to the fighting men and women at the frontlines. One doctor said, actually, they are also the last line. They are our first and last hope and they are not that many. This is saddening. We would like to encourage the tired, weakening and discouraged frontliners and there are many ways we can do that.

Encouragingly, many Davaoeños have joined in the effort of helping the frontliners by donating materials needed like masks, tents, food, finances to purchase needed materials and others. In Manila, a Christian offered their church building to house frontliners. We can do the same in Davao.

Davao artists, on the other hand, are helping the frontliners as well by helping raise funds for protective suits through giving part or in full the sales of their artworks through a fund raiser. This is participated by hobbyists and professional artists of Davao City and most of whom are members of DAFI (Dabawenyo Artists Federation, Inc).

Actually the campaign was an idea of Art Portal owner and artist Alfred Galvez in partnership with A Generous Davao. Mr. Galvez is coordinating the activity while he is in Manila at the moment. The campaign is an online art exhibit. For every artwork purchased, proceeds will help the frontliners through A Generous Davao.

In Davao City, Southern Philippine Medical Center (SPMC) has been assigned as the hospital to take covid-19 patients. Covid-19 patients are given special care at a specific area, away from other patients, offices and facilities.

In the first two days of promotion, the Davao artists have sold about 11 works of art already. Recently, the target amount to be raised has increased and we want to sell more works for this campaign. The kinds of art pieces for sale vary from sculptures to art on paper using graphite, charcoal, and watercolor and paintings on canvas in oil or acrylic. Works also vary in sizes.

You can help this campaign in two ways, buy artworks in this online art sale and sharing this fund raising campaign. Please promote our post and spread far and wide. Of course, we encourage everyone to stay home and avoid going out of your houses as much as possible.

It is our prayer that this pandemic will end, that those who were infected will be healed and that it will not spread to other people and communities and that our frontliners will not get sick but will get all the encouragement, protection and boost of morale that they need.

To our dear frontliners, the Dabawenyos are behind you to support you. You are the best trained army of medical personnel to face the unseen enemy. Nobody else can do your job. We thank you for continually doing your work despite the risks involved. You are the world’s present day heroes. God be with you! SALUTE!

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