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Mayor to go after creators of memes using her image

The city government is looking for means to go after some memes of Mayor Sara Duterte being posted on social media that are peddling false information.

“We are currently discussing on what we are going to do with these fake ‘memes’ proliferating (around social media),” she said during her interview with the Davao City Disaster Radio.

Although this is not related to the COVID-19, she said there are already quite a number of these memes proliferating around.

“These are the social media cards which contain a picture of me with a quote that I have (allegedly) said,” she said, pointing out that some of these memes are no longer appropriate.

She said she is already discussing it with her lawyer on the possible legal actions to take against their creators and those who share them.

Previously, Duterte already disowned the voice recording proliferating on Facebook that people believed was her.

Duterte said spreading false information will not help the city’s dilemma on how to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“This is one of the challenges for us right now on how to make the correct information reach the people and how to stop the fake news, misinformation, or deliberate malicious sending out of wrong information made by people,” she said.

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