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My Turn | Home sweet home

A solitary confinement in your home when humanity is hunkering down against the invisible enemy is a big- time deprivation of one’s liberty. For the past two weeks, we have been thrown into the path of this murderous non-human terrorist. The fierce battle rages on and the neon signage on the high marquee reads: Covid vs World. And the score has swung considerably in favor of Covid, victimizing 30 thousand (world wide) and still counting.

Undoubtedly, this is truly a gruesome and appalling event in human history.

But the entire world, on its knees, is united in fighting valiantly to stop this scourge in its tracks. Suddenly, I’m thrown into a different planet which is called home. And here comes Claustrophobia choking and strangling us everytime our vision is directed to the walls of our house. The dreaded lockdown and quarantine have overtook humanity’s quest for a bright future laid out for the next generation. We are now on stand still mode.

Economy, trade, tourism, marketing, banking, education and even wars are all on hold.

The outside world is fading before our eyes. Home life, without friends, company, fellowship and celebrations is dull and dreary. But, surprisingly, right now I feel that I’m really on the sunny and happy side of the street. Close knit family life is now alive and well, having meals or watching TV together. There’s indescribable joy being together as one family. The work related stress and anxiety have been lost somewhere. And I’m beginning to get used to this strange incarceration without the benefit of bail. Every morning, the sun casts mellow light shafts at my window pane waking me up and bathing my room with a warm glow.

In our front yard, I can now watch and feel a gentle breeze that dazzles and ruffles the leaves of our Mango and Rambutan trees, shrubs and potted plants. The multi colored flowers look happy… bending, twirling and doing their pirouettes in the wind. Like a musical ensemble, nature is beginning to hum. And the lovable Bambi, our petite brown pet dog has never been happier.

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