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Mayor: City prepared to implement ECQ if situation demands it

The local government is now preparing for the high likelihood of an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

“We have been preparing for this for two weeks now. Almost all situation in an ECQ has already been executed by the city, except that the mass transportation is still operating,” Mayor Sara Duterte said in an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio.

The chief executive said she will announce the order in the proper time. She said this will be Executive No. 20-B.

She said that the issuance of food and medicine (FM) pass is also intended to prepare for ECQ. “These FM passes will only be used during the ECQ. This is in preparation if the city will declare that we are under ECQ,” she said.

However, she clarified that as of now, the city is still not under ECQ, so people need not to panic.

“We renamed it to food and medicine pass so that people would understand easily and they will
be informed,” she said.

Under the guideline, the team leaders, who are the city councilors, will deliver the FM passes to their districts through the barangay captains.

The barangay captains will now distribute the FM passes to the purok leaders who, in turn, will deliver the passes to their constituents.

The city government ordered that the delivery of passes should be house-to-house, if possible. In case it will not be followed, purok leaders can devise their own method of the distribution, provided they will observe physical distancing of two meters.

Residents within subdivisions and associations can get their FM passes through the purok leaders. They can also conduct their own distribution plans, still following the social distancing.

Persons who may receive one FM pass are the following: a boarder or renter, single-family household, and multi-family household.

The FM pass can only be used by two persons and can be utilized as long as they can show a valid ID and other documents.

“Make sure that the presented ID is your valid IDs because that will be our basis,” she said.

She added FM passes are not for sale, non-transferable, and cannot be replaced by a photocopy or be taken through a photograph using a smartphone.

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