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COVID-19 in figures

Let us do some math based on FACTS as posted on the internet.

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There are OFFICIALLY 106+ million Filipinos.

COVID-19 incubates usually for 14 days in a person. There are times it is only 2 days, there are times it is 27 days. Let us stick to 14 days, after which a person gets really sick or gets on with life.

The WHO has stated that up to 60% of the population could get exposed, and 3.4% of that DIE.

On top of the P21.7 billion budget to fight COVID-19, the Philippine Central Bank will inject P300 Billion to the Philippine Budget to the fight. The President was just granted emergency powers in the fight against the virus. (Not so sure if it will really help.)

If 60% of Filipinos get exposed to COVID-19, that will be 63.6 million of us. 21,600+ will die based on the 3.4% death rate world wide. But data shows that we have a death rate twice the global average. So there could be more than 43,200 projected deaths.

If we divide the Philippine Budget to fight COVID-19 equally among ALL Filipinos, that will only be P3,034.00 for each of us. This clearly is NOT ENOUGH. Food for 2 months will cost more than that. Hospitalization, much more. Funding frontline health workers so they get personal protective equipment that needs regular replacement will cost so much more.

The only way to avoid exposure to COVID-19 is to STAY ISOLATED. By staying isolated, the spread of the virus is hindered. This gives each of us a HIGHER CHANCE of survival. (That is why I stated earlier that emergency powers for the president will most likely NOT WORK.)

Do you want to survive or do you want to be part of the 60% who get exposed? Remember, there is NO VACCINE or CURE against COVID-19. 

By the way, I am not a health professional. I am an Environmental Planner (aka Technical Planner, Urban & Regional Planner).

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