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Samal mayor issues EO on burial of COVID-19 cadavers

The Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) ordered the immediate burial of cadavers amid the threat of the spread of the COVID-19.

Samal City Mayor Al David Uy issued Executive Order No. 211 on Wednesday, March 25, stating the guidelines for the burial of positive patients in the Island Garden City of Samal.

“In times of public health emergencies and spread of viral and infectious diseases, deaths of individuals shall be properly monitored, handled, and disposed properly particularly those deaths occurring at home or outside of the hospitals,” the EO said.

During public health emergencies or outbreak of infectious diseases, the bodies “shall be buried within 72 hours from the time of death or from the time of arrival of the cadaver in the city.

Travel permits and death certificates are also required when transporting human cadavers into the city, which must be presented to the concerned authorities at checkpoints.

“No human cadavers shall be transported into the city without the required travel permit or death certificate duly issued by the proper authorities,” the EO stressed.

It also requires that the cause of death reflected in the death certificate is a non-infectious disease, otherwise, it will not be allowed entry to the city.

Meanwhile, in cases of deaths due to infectious diseases, the cadaver must be buried or cremated within 24 hours and it must immediately be reported and coordinated with the City Health Office or any proper government agencies.

Neurological services or vigil, on the other hand, must be conducted within 72 hours. “Social distancing, wearing of masks, and proper protocols and quarantine/lockdown guidelines shall strictly be observed,” the EO added.

The Philippine National Police, Samal Task Force, and the City Health Office will undertake the implementation of the executive order.

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