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Honoring my Mother | Harsh

Harsh as it may seem, I’m unfollowing some people who continuously thrive on sending out negative news and comments. News that do no good, offer no constructive solutions, other than to exude bad vibes, by constantly blaming people, governments, and even races in this time of COVID-19.

Nietzsche had said, “if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” In this instance, how one expresses his views of the world is mirrored by how the world sees you. Some of these negas, for lack of a better term, say they do not care how people see them, as long as they have said their piece. Freedom of speech, they invoke. Wrong. This false belief is nothing but an inexcusable symptom of self-importance and inferiority complex. There is also the messiah complex where they feel and project themselves as saviors, even when they actually have nothing concrete to contribute. The reason why they do what they do is that the majority of them only seek approval, and attention, while desperately clutching at attempts to remain visible and relevant. The minority are just plain and simple, stupid.

It just seems inconceivable that while the rest of us reassure each other that we can actually arrest this pandemic with each other’s cooperation, this handful seems to look at the whole situation as a stage from where they can openly show their disdain of others.

I see a lot of posts showing how people and friends deal with COVID-19 and the lockdown that followed. Seeking out things that reassure and make us feel good is a natural reaction. They may even look silly at times, but that it is what it is. However, to look at the whole situation and use it to lash out at others seems like something only immature people or psychotics are capable of.

While the rest try their best to come to grips with this deadly virus, its backlash on the country’s economy, the forced isolation, or worst, separation from and loss of loved ones, it seems so inconceivable that they behave this way.

Online we read prayers a-many, and that in itself, is an awe-inspiring thing. Others lighten the mood with memes and jokes that veer us momentarily from the somber reality, and its importance is that it keeps us sane. Words of encouragement from all over, as if to say we are one in this fight, and will win through; these are all equally-noteworthy and show a lot of class.

In the midst of all these, what is the role of those who promote nothing but hate and adversity?

Most unfortunate, there are many others have it rougher. Keep in mind that there are nameless front liners in the field who, on a day-to-day risk their lives and sacrifice difficult separation from their families just so the rest of the world can stay at home and be safe away from it all. It is with utmost certainty that I can deduce that these negative people on the other hand, are also mindful of their well-being. In fact, at this moment, they continue to spew their hate while in the utter comfort and safety of their own abodes. Such convenience!

In the aftermath of Covid 19, during the recovery phase and reconstruction of the shaken but new world after Corona, as sure as the sun shines, they will once again mingle with the rest of humanity. However, they will not entirely fade away and get lost among the crowd. The positive thing is because they have exposed themselves to us while we were engaged as a community, now we all know who they are. Never forget, unlike the countless heroes and front-liners, they will never be nameless.

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