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Brainstorm: The Next Generation | Covid quarantine blues

A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people and this has again been proven true in the international health emergency that the world is now facing with the Covid-19 disease.

On one hand, we have our front-liners, doctors, nurses and other medical staff and the people from the police, military and government offices manning the checkpoints and monitoring their communities. They are knowingly exposing themselves to the danger of contamination and sickness just to take care of the sick and to serve and protect our people. They are nothing less then superheroes in my book.

We also have private citizens who are organizing various efforts to help the community, from sourcing and producing protective gear for our front-liners to helping in the local government’s relief effort to provide food for the depressed communities. Even those who are simply helping to disseminate verified information have a hand in alleviating the situation.

I would also like to laud the citizenry who are simply abiding by the mandates of government by staying at home, observing social distancing and following the advised hygiene protocols. It has been repeatedly said that the best thing that an ordinary citizen can do is just to simply STAY AT HOME to minimize the avenues for the virus to spread.

On the other hand, we have the creeps.

First and foremost, on my personal shit-list, are the profiteers who have been hoarding surgical and protective masks, alcohol and disinfectants as well as rice and basic food items. Making money by endangering the populace, for me at least, should be a capital offense.

A close second are the purveyors of fake news, particularly those spreading fake announcements made to look like they come from the government especially those clearly intended to cause panic among the people like the one claiming that the President is about to order the closure of public markets as well as those making baseless announcements, or spreading conspiracy theories that serve only to exaggerate what is already a worrisome situation. In this bunch, I would also include those who are spreading unverified and unconfirmed home remedies for those infected with Covid-19. I mean, the supposedly “proven and tested” remedies that are spreading range from bananas, garlic and ginger to teas, essential oils, tinctures, and colloidal silver.

While some of these things, like bananas, garlic, ginger and Vitamin-C have long been known to boost the human immune system, the fact is that THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE YET for the Covid-19 disease. Government and private researchers and pharmaceutical companies all over the world are scrambling to find a vaccine or cure but, at best, these are months away from being available.

Unscrupulous politicians, to differentiate them from those doing good work, are also showing their true, unflattering, colors. People should learn to stop supporting and voting for people who see human suffering only as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and seeing them putting their names on relief packages is already a blatant indication. Of these people, those who are also abusing their positions and places of privilege to unnecessarily avail themselves and their families of government testing facilities deserve a strong and swift kick in the butt, to say the least.

Last, but certainly not the least of the problematic folk, are the bunch of hard-headed IDIOTS who are refusing to follow the quarantine measures imposed by the government. They do not realize, or simply do not care, that for every IDIOT gallivanting around without any pressing need or reason, the risk of spreading the highly infectious disease to others is all the higher. I have run out of ideas, save maybe literally hammering it into their heads, to make them realize that THEY ARE THE ONES SPREADING THE VIRUS!
It is exasperating, to be kind about it, that some of these IDIOTS apparently believe themselves to be impervious to the disease. ANO KA, IMMORTAL?
“The mortality rate is ONLY THREE (3%) PERCENT”, they argue in saying that even if they get the disease it will likely not kill them. To these MORONS I would like to say “KUNG KAYO NA LANG SANA ANG MAMATAY, OK LANG SA AKIN!”

There are OVER 100 MILLION FILIPINOS. Even at 3%, which is still an estimate, that is THREE MILLION (3,000,000) FILIPINOS DEAD if the spread becomes uncontrollable. These IDIOTS should also realize that even if they, themselves, will sadly not die, the victims will likely include their parents, grand-parents, spouses and even their children.

If only there was a vaccine for IDIOCY, the world would be so much better.

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