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Skeletal force of vital industries exempted from ban – TF Davao

The Task Force Davao yesterday said with the effectivity of the regional lockdown for 14 days they allowed those who are working, go to the hospital, buy food and medicines to enter the city.

Col. Consolito Yecla, the commander of Task Force Davao said on the latest guidance on Davao TFD checkpoints as of 8:30 a.m. yesterday.

“Allowed to enter to work, go to the hospital, buy food and buy medicines, and cargo only. No one else,” Yecla said.

With the regional lockdown, the roadblock will be removed from the three entry and exit points in the city.

The roadblocks will be placed at the entry points of the Region 11 to the other region.

Based on the Police Regional Office 11 guidelines on the regional lockdown, in the performance of our duties/mandates, we should not become the constraints in the delivery of highly essential services; hence, be aware of those who are exempted:

1. Public markets
2. Supermarkets
3. Groceries
4. Convenience stores
5. Hospitals (all staff no skeletal force)
6. Medical clinics
7. Pharmacies
8. Drug stores
9. Food preparation and delivery services
10. Water refilling stations
11. Manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products and medicines
12. Money transfer services
13. Power, energy, water and telecommunications supplies and facilities
14. BPO
15. Export-oriented industries
16. Media personnel
17. Security personnel of the establishment within the quarantine area.

Also, Major Eudisan Gultiano, the spokesperson of Police Regional Office 11, explained what would happen during the regional lockdown.

“As a general rule, no person can enter Davao Region coming from outside the region,” Gultiano said.

“The exempted persons, as provided, can be allowed passage from one area to another area, provided they are already within the region,” she added.

“For example, from Tagum and they want to enter Davao City, if they are part of the skeletal workforce of pharmacies they will be allowed to enter. But if from Surigao who want to enter the Davao Region, even if they are employees here, they are not allowed to pass,” she further said.

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