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Guest Editorial | Our modern day heroes

So here we are today, under the cruel clutches of a super power called COVID 19. Suddenly we scratch our heads and wonder what’s happening in the world today. Now, humanity has a new common enemy… the virulent virus called Corona from China. We take a good look at this belligerent foe which comes in the form of miniscule droplets, vapors, and fumes. But the manifestations, if unattended can be fatal. In the meantime, before this thing blows over, we drop our heated family members feud, jettison our arguments about politics, sectarian and religious divides, geopolitical wranglings, country disputes in sovereign boundaries, war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Africa. For today, we face this mind-boggling Armageddon-like scourge that wraps around and constrict humanity’s lifeline. We watch the horror unfolding before us now which has reached pandemic proportions with 5,800 fatalities from more than 153 countries.

Governments issue lockdowns and quarantine PUIs, cancel air, land and sea transports; call off high level world competition like the NCAA, NBA, PGA, World Boxing, possibly the Olympics, family tour destinations like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, the Holy Land, Lourdes, Fatima, cruise ships, etc. even religious and church assemblies, schools, public and private gatherings.

All nations have now unified against this common enemy. But lest we forget, we have to thank the people in the front lines of this major and crucial battle for humanity: the hospital employees, ambulance personnel, doctors, nurses, orderlies, medical providers, those who stand eyeball to eyeball with the enemy. They brace themselves boldly to shield us from the scourge while we do our thing and sleep soundly at night. There are hundreds of thousands of these infantries all over the world who in many cases, are even prevented from going home to their families for safety and health precautions. That’s enough trauma for not hugging their new born infants and children to tuck them to sleep. We also salute the Chinese doctor-whistle blower who succumbed after treating his sick patient and the many who lost their lives fighting for us.

So today, in our heart of hearts, in the spirit of love and charity, let us thank and pray for these soldiers of humanity, the brave men and women’s health and well being. God bless. (Atty. Niel Dalumpines)

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