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Editorial | A private sector call to fight COVID-19

Last Monday, March 16, the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Health Organization issued a joint statement to urge business institutions across the world to do its share in the battle against COVID-19, the deadliest virus to hit the entire world, carrying with it an immense impact on the economy of all nations, rich or poor.

The two international organizations agreed to work together to “ensure the latest and most reliable information and tailored guidance reaches the global business community.”

“All businesses have a key role to play in minimizing the likelihood of transmission and impact on society. Early, bold and effective action will reduce short- term risks to employees and long-term costs to businesses and the economy.

To aid this collective effort, ICC will regularly send updated advice to its network of over 45 million businesses so that businesses everywhere can take informed and effective action to protect their workers, customers and local communities and contribute to the production and distribution of essential supplies.”

San Miguel Corp., one of the largest companies in the country, was the first to offer help in preventing the spread of the virus by producing disinfectant alcohol in one of its facilities and to donate it to the communities that need the alcohol.

In the joint statement, ICC said that “as an immediate priority, businesses should be developing or updating, readying or implementing business continuity plans. Business continuity plans should aim to reduce transmission, including by: promoting understanding of the disease, its symptoms and appropriate behavior among employees; setting up a reporting system for any cases and contacts; preparing essentials; limiting travel and physical connectivity; and planning for measures such as teleworking when necessary.”

In times of tribulation, the entire world comes together in solidarity to fight for humankind’s survival.

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