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Guest Editorial | We shall live another day

Now is the time for institutions to be altruistic: banks, insurance companies, telcos, utilities, service, corporations, labor, etc. The public is now suffering immensely. Thankfully, efforts and assistance from groups and individuals are working up. We cannot solely rely on the government, and those in power and position, who we expect to give all citizens utmost care and protection.

One month is like a lifetime of sacrifice for disadvantaged families and workers, who have to eke out a living on a daily basis.

Health workers and scientists are doubly, painstakingly, and selflessly working round-the-clock to serve all.

Your journalists are risking their lives joining other frontliners to give us accurate news and updates so we can be guided with our decisions and actions. They are fighting another battle too: misinformation and disinformation that are compounded and aggravated by trolling.

We cannot find the cure while misleading the citizens and spreading lies to disrupt social order and allay fears.

The public can only do so much; they can comply and cooperate but they need assurance and wisdom that everything is under control – and they will live another day.

This is survival at its meanest; when wayward pronouncements, defensiveness, and apologies are the last we need to survive.

Sure there are lessons learned. We need each other now more than ever. (By Ariel Sebellino, Executive Director, PPI)

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