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Firm eyes buyers looking for better condo amenities

A homegrown company is developing a condominium project that will cater to buyers who want a resort feel of their residences by focusing on providing better amenities.

“The amenities will be the main feature (of the project),” Wesley C. Bangayan, vice president for sales and marketing of CrisRon Legacy Leisure Residencies which is building a four-tower condominium project in Maa, told TIMES.

Bangayan explained that while most condominium projects in the city are located in areas near schools and shopping mall, the company’s project in its 2.8-hectare property will focus on setting up an, Olympic size pool, a multi-purpose function room, courts for tennis and basketball as among the amenities.

The company is also ensuring that the project will withstand strong earthquakes by reinforcing instruments that will help monitor the shaking as well as reinforce the structures as it is adding sheer walls to make its beams and columns stronger.

To emphasize on the resort feel, Bangayan said, the company, which is using as model a condominium in Singapore where Bangayan’s sister is living, is using only for its structures about 30% of the total land area as the remainder will be used both for the amenities and open spaces.

He said the company will also come up with deed of restrictions that buyers of its project will need to sign up to so that exclusivity and standards can be maintained.

Clark Lawton S. Yap, company vice president, added that the company will also come up with a property management company that will manage the project so that standards can be maintained. “We need a uniform set of standards for all homeowners,” said Yap, pointing out that the standards will apply both to buyers who will live in their units and those who will look for renters.

The first word in the company name is a combination of the names of the fathers of Yap and Bangayan, Cresencio and Ronald, respectively.

On the exclusivity of the project, Bangayan said that homeowners will need to register with the property management company those “specific guests who they want to avail of the amenities. “We cannot allow all people to come and use the amenities (as this will bastardize the project),” he said.

The company, which secured its permit to sell for the Tower 2 middle of last year, has sold about 10% of the 429 units of the tower. The construction of the project has started with the Tower 2, followed by Tower, then Tower 4.

Tower 1, Bangayan said, will be constructed last because the company wants to be flexible as it either will just build a condominium or a condominium with a hotel beside it, depending on the “reading of the market.”

The initial plan, he added, is to build Tower 2 which will have 15 floors and a basement with three floors, including the basement, for parking.
Bangayan said the units are between a bedroom and three bedrooms with more of the units as one bedroom to target starting families. The two-bedroom units are located at the corners.

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