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Señor Moments | Unseen dimensions

I yield this space to Frank Regis, a friend and my brother Tato’s classmate at the Ateneo de Manila College HS Class 1961 to 64, the class that produced one Mayor-President (Duterte), one Cabinet Secretary (Sonny Dominguez, one Sultan (Abbas), a school president (Aguiluz, A.M.A), one priest (Fr. Bacaltos) and several well-known persons, such as Judge Robillo, Millon Liu, Arthur Garcia, Sonny Pamintuan, Peching Alcantara, my brother, and others.

Frank is multi-talented: a motivational speaker, a workshop organizer, an entrepreneur (Coco Nectar), and a nationally acknowledged expert about paranormal phenomenon. So I asked him to write about this topic.

I am grateful to Dinky for inviting me and sharing his column with me.
Initially, I shall be sharing my personal experiences, insights and realizations about what is more popularly known as “paranormal” or the world of the unseen (ghosts, dwarfs, fairies, engkantos, aliens and many other intelligent species).

In the 80s, I founded an organization called InterSelf, which is short for Interdimensional Communications Research for Self-Transcendence (whew!). And the name describes literally what we do (Communicating with other dimensions to know more about what is really going on beyond our perceived reality) and the purpose (increased awareness of worlds beyond and their relevance in the overall scheme of the Universe). The main researchers were myself and my niece, Jinky, a very sensitive channel that I helped develop into a powerful human transceiver. The rest of the organization were friends who believed in our quest and joined in support.

I need to stress at this point that I pursued this subject purely for myself – to explain my experiences to myself and validate it with what I have learned in Physics, from the classic Newtonian to the latest Quantum Mechanics. I had no intention of publishing anything or sharing what I learned to the public until the 80s when a magazine writer learned about us and started writing our story on her weekly magazine. Principally, mine is a personal adventure into what to most people refer to as The Unknown. What made me do it? It started in my childhood.

I grew up in a small town by the bay in Southern Leyte. In this rural environment, the existence of the unseen parallel worlds, were part of the accepted reality: ghost, dwarf, capre, engkanto, sigbin, tambaloslos, wakwak, and other species, ugly and not ugly. I was in my elementary age at that time. Were we scared? Definitely, yes. Fear is always a product of the unknown. They were mostly invisible. I said mostly because they do show themselves sometimes for various reasons, while other people with more sensitive sensors do see or hear them unintentionally.

I was living with my two grandaunts and a sister who was in high school. My immediate neighborhood was aware of a “family friend”, attracted primarily to my older Lola Nene.

This was the visayan version of the kapre we call agta, who lived in a huge tamarind tree in our backyard. When seen, he was obviously male, around 7 or 8 feet tall, lean and black or black-haired, as he was seen only in the evening. Although, sometimes he would manifest his presence during daytime without being visible to harass some neighbors.

My lola would walk to the market at dusk for her daily glass of tuba and this agta will be seen walking beside her. In the dark, I would see him only as a black shadow. And I have learned that the black emanation indicates a naughty, if not malevolent, being who can and will hurt people.

There was a reason to fear him. I had a neighbor who cursed a lot and he was punished by preventing him from eating for a whole day. How? Everytime this loud fisherman opens a plate to eat, sand and dirt will appear from nowhere and pour on to his plate. And there was this girl who must have gotten the agta’s ire for some reason. She felt a huge invisible hand slap her and deformed her face.

So, we start asking questions. Who are these? Why are they there? Are they really bad?

And how come they are not visible to us? We shall be addressing all these in our future columns. In my next column, I shall share about one of the most popular and misunderstood invisible beings, “ghosts”. To some people, a ghost is any invisible being moving about or manifesting a presence. I will however be more specific in referring to ghosts as “earthbound humans” or “discarnates.”

Living humans are incarnates – in the flesh. When a human leaves the body, the flesh, one becomes a discarnate – out of the flesh. To me, discarnate is more appropriate, specific and respectful. “Ghost” has been painted through the ages by ignorance, as scary and evil. Nothing is further from my truth. When humans die, loving people left behind, grieve, on the belief that this is the end of the relationship. And yet, many religions and belief systems throughout history, pray for their “dead”. So there must be a part of that being that is not dead. Otherwise, why bother?

In my next column, I shall share about what really happens after physical death. Hopefully, this knowing may shorten the grief and hasten the healing of the “departed”. The fear of death is the biggest fear of most people – and it is borne out of ignorance or false teachings propagated as fact for some reason. If you, dear readers, will keep an open mind and follow the logic of all my experiences, you might just find life a lot more exciting long after one leaves the body – and death as we know it, may turn out to be a liberation for a more exciting series of life after life after life – and know why it is so.

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