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Softdrink brand holds `challenge´

Softdrink company Pepsi Philippines held the final stop its taste challenge activity in the city last Saturday.

“Filipinos have enjoyed Pepsi cola for years now, and the global success we’ve had in various countries, as well as the overwhelming success we’ve had in Manila and Cebu, makes us confident Pepsi will be the choice,” said Gutzee Segura, Pepsi Philippines Marketing Manager,

The activity, the company said in a statement, was being held in key cities of the country to allow Filipinos to “choose the cola that they really love, without bias.” In the challenge, people were given two cups of different brands of cola—one of which is Pepsi—and asked which one they like.

Along with the taste test during the event, influencers and celebrities such as Laureen Uy, Alyssa Valdez, Mimiyuuuh, Jinho Bae, Matthaios, and SB19 entertained and participated in various activities with the fans.

The press statement said the event was more than a direct challenge to competitors as it was a challenge for Filipinos to test their “taste preconceptions.”

The company was also confident that it would win the challenge as Filipinos already enjoyed Pepsi cola for years in addition to its success in Manila and Cebu where it first conducted its taste challenge.

Pepsi Philippines expressed its gratitude to its patrons from Manila, Cebu, and Davao who joined the event.

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