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Posts published in “Day: March 10, 2020”

Editorial | Vaccine against misinformation

There is so much misinformation going on in social media that as one would say, we will not die of the virus but of misinformation. Social media has been around…

Honoring my Mother | Recycling gets a boost

With the practice of garbage segregation already being a huge ‘check’ in this household’s practice, the next big what-to-do for us, which concerned our remaining water bottles, had finally been…

Rough Cuts | Davao City has what it takes

That Davao is a showroom to the world as declared by political and business leaders during the many investment and other related conferences in the city in the past three…

Softdrink brand holds `challenge´

Softdrink company Pepsi Philippines held the final stop its taste challenge activity in the city last Saturday. “Filipinos have enjoyed Pepsi cola for years now, and the global success we’ve…

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