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Editorial | A bit of perspective

The Department of Health has confirmed the first local transmission of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) the worst fears of everyone have come true. Admittedly, the issue has been politicized with critics of the administration and doomsayers quickly telling anybody who would care to listen, “I told you so.”

Of course, all those weeks of panic and hysteria (and yes, even the abject racism) even when the country had zero local cases must have a point, right?

Regardless, we are all together in this foxhole. And the nagging question hangs on everybody’s heads: Is the country ready for the effects?

Already, some quarters are complaining about the President’s declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency and equating it with Martial Law. It seems everyone is quick to lay down hurdles for government agencies to do their jobs, and then blame those same officials for failing to overcome those very same roadblocks.

Now that our fears are realized, now we can stop wondering about the “what if.”

This much we know about Covid-19:

• It does not survive well in high temperatures. The tropical climate of the country might be bothersome most of the time. But this is one moment when it can be an advantage
• It is transmitted through direct contact on the infected droplets that stick to surfaces. It stays on clothes for nine hours and metal for 12 hours
• It is vulnerable to disinfectants and alcohol
• Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap frequently (rub your hands with your fingers thoroughly for at least 20 seconds)
• Avoid sticking your hands and fingers into your mouth, eyes, nose, and ears
• Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
• The use of mask may also be a good prevention tool
• When you exhibit some symptoms, gargling with warm water and salt will kill the virus in the throat before it goes down to your lungs.

The good thing about the Covid-19 is its high survival rate. If you are a healthy individual with no preexisting conditions, you are likely to survive the virus with hardly a scratch. It also means that elderly and sickly patients are vulnerable.

Children seem to be immune since there are rarely any cases of infection. Out of the total cases so far, only 0.2% of the kids and teens died after contracting the virus. In comparison, 15% of people 80 years and older have succumbed to Covid-19.

What does this all say?

Nobody can deny that Covid-19 is deadly. But at the same time, with proper hygiene and common sense, the chance of being infected is as high as getting hit by lightning on a clear day.

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