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Philippine Eagle couple in Singapore not yet breeding

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) bared that the two Philippine eagles sent to Singapore last year are in healthy condition but yet to breed.

Andi Baldonado, PEF development program manager, told TIMES in an interview that the pair had already adjusted to their new enclosure after their arrival on June 4, 2019.

“They are okay. They are eating well. (Their) overall health is well,” Baldonado said regarding their condition.

“They are well taken care of. Our partner from Wildlife Reserves Singapore is making sure that the eagles are safe,” Baldonado added.

She said the foundation is hoping that there would be more Filipinos in Singapore who will come and visit the eagles “for them to also see and be aware of what is happening to our national bird.”

“Aside from our hope for them to breed over there, we also would like to put the eagle on the spotlight as part of our awareness raising campaign on our wildlife,” Baldonado said.

The Philippines and Singapore signed the wildlife loan agreement on May 20, 2019, allowing 15-year-old Geothermica (male) and 17-year-old Sambisig (female) to be housed at the Jurong Bird Park, which is being managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

The main goal of the agreement is to breed the birds in captivity and if they are successful, the hatchling will be brought back to the Philippines as part of the many strategies to restore the population of the Philippine Eagle.

Founded in 1971, the Jurong Bird Park is considered to be the largest in the world that spreads across almost 20 hectares in the western corner of Singapore, featuring 5,000 birds of around 400 species, 29 of which are of threatened species.

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