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Plain and Simple | The virus in us

The uncertainty is there and it wears so many faces.

First, no one from the experts could fully explain it. Is it really from animals or created or caught in the maze of dirts around.

Second, it is mind boggling because the virus spread throughout the world. If it is created meaning the creator is happy because it can be used to dominate the world.

Chilling. Very chilling.

3rd, the theory that it comes from the animals is not also certain. The animal mentioned is the pangolin. Poor pangolin. Earlier, it was different.
One thing is certain. It is real.

But should it paralyze us as a nation with activities to define our each department?

From the start, we were not allowed to do things that gather people afraid that any participant will be contaminated. That is real too. Can’t blame the government leadership for taking this stand.

But we can’t allow this virus to paralyze us much less render us helpless. We have to stand and fight. Let the DOH do its job. It knows better.

This is like our situation during the Marcos dictatorship. Take away everything but not our freedom. It may not be imperfect but democracy is the best option than dictatorship.

So thought it was fraught with danger, we walked the streets under the scorching heat of the sun. 20 years of dictatorship. Enough was enough.

I was with the group of the opposition at the old Ateneo grade school building preparing to launch the government of Pres Cory Aquino.

But I heard news that the opposition at that time would be pulverized by a military general loyal to Marcos.

There was assemblyman Zaf Respicio leading the flock. There was Ramon Mitra. Bono Adaza. Fr. Malasmas, Nanay Soling (yes mama of President Duterte), Dion dela Cerna, among others.

That was February 22 and news in Manila that the group of Gringo Honasan, RAM, staged a coup against Marcos.

This was the time that Jaime Cardinal Sin called on the people to go to Crame to protect Gen. Ramos and Sec. Enrile. Without the people, the coup plotters would have been crushed.

Those days were the longest. The time was precarious. All around was uncertainty. But the people already fed up with the Marcos dictatorship came to protect Ramos and Enrile.

We can’t go to the capital region because of the archipelagic nature of our country. We held our fist and sought the help if the God of goodnesd and justuce to bring us back democracy and freedom.

RIGHT now the forces of Marcos want to repaint their regime as the best. Very simple. Ask the thousands all victims of the Marcos dictatorship. They will tell you their stories of the dictatorship in pain and tears.

That was the greatest and noblest time of our history. As a race we are not gifted with height. But at that time we stood taller than anyone else in the world.

At that time we had to crush the virus. And when people come together with a greater mission, every thing is possible.

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