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Posts published in “Day: February 22, 2020”

5 nabbed for hantak

Five tricycle drivers were arrested after they were caught playing toss coin at the public market of Barangay Bunawan Proper, Bunawan District around 2 p.m. Wednesday. The Bunawan Police Station…

Nabbed at checkpoint

A man was arrested at a checkpoint for carrying illegal drugs. Al Apayor Lopez, 39, a sales supervisor, was riding a public utility vehicle when he was arrested during the…

4 Davao hospitals probed for fraud

At least four hospitals in the region are under investigation for padding their claims, a Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) executive said. Filbert Bryan Sollesta, PhilHealth Field Operations Division Chief,…

Editorial | Defined responsibilities

There is a proposal before the city council to ban single-use plastic products similar to proposals and ordinances in other local government units and other countries. Under the proposal, plastic…

Brainstorm: The Next Generation | I am Golden

Why is it that, as we get older, the years pass by faster and faster? I remember a very reasonable explanation though I cannot, for the life of me, remember…

Nunot | Wa nahimo sa terorista, nahimo sa CoViD 19

Gahapon sa buntag nakadawat ko ug e-mail gikan sa akong anak nga si Sacha. Siya sakay sa usa ka barko nga “tanker” nga gipanag-iya sa Thorm Shipping Co., usa ka…

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