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Cultural potpourri | ADDU College of Law’s “Aliwan”

Miss Conflicts of Law 2020, Trisha Ann Samantha Aligato

Last Valentine’s Day, Lakas Atenista’s Leah Aying (Chairman) and John Dy C. Flauta (Events Head) invited me to sit as chairman of the panel of judges which included lawyer Jamel Agantal and Ginoong Davao 2019 Kyle Gaite for the Mr/Ms Conflicts. The competition was part of the annual intramural called the “Conflicts of Law” held by the Ateneo de Davao’s College of Law.

This story appeared on Page 10 of the February 16, 2020 issue of Mindanao Times. Click on the photo to download a copy.

“The three-day event will be an avenue for law students to showcase their talents and test their competence and sportsmanship…The Mr/Ms Conflicts competition serves as a celebration of talents where the four year levels feature their interpretation of the theme they have selected. The Mr/Ms Conflicts competition primarily aims to showcase the skills of the best representatives of each year level. The goal is to holistically integrate a good appreciation of the performing arts into the annual celebration of the Conflicts of Law,” explained the Lakas Atenista Events Head, John Dy C. Flauta.

Miss Conflicts of Law 2020, Trisha Ann Samantha Aligato

This year, the first, second, third and fourth year students chose their own theme based on our country’s festivals and mythical creatures. I was made to understand that the event not only looks for the handsomest or most beautiful student in each year level, but it also has stories that relay strong messages of inspiration and reflection for the benefit of the Ateneo de Davao community.

“This year’s Conflicts of Law celebrates different cultural festivals as well as Filipino talents and arts of our Philippine culture. First year students have chosen Kadayawan for their theme. It’s the Sinulog for the second year students; T’nalak for the third year students; and finally, the senior students have opted for Maskara. From the beats of street dancing to the hits of Original Pinoy Music, this year’s Conflicts of Law pays tribute to the best among our very own Filipino talents,” said Flauta.

Pair Dance Showdown winner (2nd year)

On its first day alone, it took more than four hours for the judges to sit, watch, ask the candidates questions, and rate them accordingly. Mind you but besides the Mr/Ms Conflicts, where the judges evaluated the candidates of each year level based on their festival costume, talent, mythical creature costume, Q&A, personality and audience impact, there were events on the same night and at the same venue (Martin Hall) like the Sayawtenista, Star Search, Pair Dance Showdown plus the t-shirt and jazzed up jeans contest.

Sayawtenista winners (2nd year)

In his welcome message, the Dean of the College of Law, Atty. Manuel P. Quibod, reminded the student body: “The objective of this event is to have fun. Please do not hurt your fellow students. Yes, you compete but do not forget to have fun. This is the reason why we take the time out from our daily rigid grind.” Dean Quibod also stressed that “the judges’ decision is final.” “In other words, do not make things complicated. The rules of the game are simple. Follow the rules and respect the decision of the judges and their decision is final.”

Star of the Night, L.A. Pizarro

With the exhuberant emcees enjoying their “adlibs” to no end as it seemed there was no director or stage manager to hold them in check, it took long for the judges to declare the winners. The second year students, whom Dean Quibod earlier mentioned to be “the champion by tradition for the longest time,” won the Pair Dance, Sayawtenista, and People’s Choice Award. Third year student L.A. Pizarro was proclaimed “The Star of the Night” who got the judges nod with his praiseworthy renditions of Pinoy classic songs like George Canseco’s “Ngayon at Kailanman” and Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak.” Oh yes, L.A. had the girls and the exhuberant ones cheering loudly for him when he rendered his songs with much feelings.

Judges Atty. Jamel Agantal, Archt. Michael E. Dakudao, Guinoong Davao 2019 Kyle Gaite

This year’s Miss Conflicts of Law title was well earned by the plus sized Trisha Ann Samantha Aligato who wore stunning costumes, passed the Q&A, and confidently and naturally performed comedic acts with her partner.

Lawyer Melissa P. Suarez, Archt. Michael E. Dakudao, Tetet M. Tolentino

Congratulations to all the winners. My apologies to Michael Soledad of Molave Restaurant for my not being able to join him for dinner last Valentine’s Day. The Conflicts of Law contests really did take a lot of time. Thank you, lawyer Melissa Romana P. Suarez and Tetet M. Tolentino, for keeping me company and happy during the event.

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