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Posts published in “Day: February 14, 2020”

Family Life | Compelled to commit to love

Is love at first sight possible? Or is it commitment that makes true love possible? I know of at least one instance of “love at first sight” in the biblical…

Honoring My Mother | In the eyes of children

You know what day this is, you hopelessly love-struck you. It might as well be called “be cute” day. This is that day of the year when flowers, roses in…

Editorial | Running out of time

We enjoyed a nice weather yesterday. The day started with a drizzle, soft rain that cooled our temperature and temper. Commenting on this respite from the heat the past days,…

Credit rating upgrades to boost business, say

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) has welcomed the recent upgrade of the Philippine credit rating as this will help the business sector. “These ratings upgrades are…

City eyes sisterhood pact with town in Bulacan

A sisterhood agreement is being proposed between the city and Pandi, a town in Bulacan. In Tuesday’s session, Councilor Javi Campos, committee chair on international relation, filed an ordinance under…

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