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I predicted in my last column that US President Donald Trump would still emerge winner in the impeachment trial that the US Senate conducted on charges of abused of authority and obstruction of justice against him. I wrote then:

“Anytime today, the result of the senate votes on articles of impeachment will be known to the American people and the rest of the world. We will know whether President Trump is still loved by his people and will run for reelection this November presidential election, or be kick out of the White House without finishing his term in the oval.”

And in my last paragraph, I said:

“Since majority of the Americans still believe in the President and 54 (not 51) of the 100 senators that handled the historical impeachment trial are said to be identified with the Trump administration, it is only expected that he will be acquitted of the charge.”

President Donald Trump remains President Donald Trump after presiding Chief Justice John Roberts, reading the Senate verdict, declared, Trump, shall “be, and is hereby acquitted of the charges.”

And finally I said in that column, “Mark my word, readers….”

But what entertained me most was when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a subject of a viral image when she ripped up her copy of the President’s speech as he ended his address.

Pelosi explained later to reporters that tearing up the speech was “the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

To me, her action was an act of disrespect not only to the leader of a powerful country but to herself, being the leader of the opposition.

Mr. Trump who was also shown on television not taking Pelosi’s outstretched hand as he climbing to the House rostrum to deliver his speech, although it was not clear he had seen her gesture. I can forgive him.

US politicians are no different from some politicians in our country known for being isnabero and pikon. I should say, both Trump and Pelosi’s actions are understandable.

Meanwhile, the acquittal of President Trump may not only be good to the Americans whose economy, in the words of the vindicated US leader, is on the rise and America’s future is blazing right under his three years administration, but to the Philippines as well.

Since both President Duterte and Trump have the same style of governance – “matatapang at walang inuurongan” – I think they will understand each other. Compatible “sila sa isa’t isa.”

Back to the question of whether Duterte will attend the US-ASEAN Summit Meeting to be held in Washington, DC on March 14 of which our President said earlier he will not accept the invitation, I will make another prediction that he will change his mind and attend the meeting.

Why I’m into this bold prediction again is because I believe that by not snubbing Trump’s invitation, it’s more to the advantage of our President to grab the opportunity to meet Trump in person and settle once and for all the issues hounding the relationship of the two countries. Failure to settle the issues will put our country in a very disadvantageous position, especially our economy and peace and security.

I repeat, our President will attend that 9-nation leaders’ meeting to be hosted by President Trump, and the issue of VFA will be resolved to the advantage of both countries.

Mark my word again, readers!


I’m now officially registered as a voter at the 2nd congressional district where I transferred my residence from the 1st congressional district where I stayed and voted for the last 60 years.

I was not able to vote during the barangay elections last May 2019 as I was on vacation in the US in my daughter’s place while at the same time working on my US citizenship.

But because of my age, I’m now back and decided to stay for good. Stay where you think your happiness is.

Goodbye, Uncle Sam!

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