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Señor Moments | Duterte’s neighbors

The Mundas and the Dutertes lived in Juna in the 50-60’s – and up to today. So my brod Tato and Dut, both in HS, used to walk to AdD almost everyday. One day, isang araw, the 2 friends started punching each other today Tato does not remember why or who won… At their Marco Polo HS ’61 reunion, Tato asked Dut why he was kicked out of AdD 2nd year class. To stop further SP Education, Dut said that he loaded a water pistol with black ink and squirted it at a Priest’s white Sutana. So for this – he was expelled! And Dut never forgave Ateneo ever since. Did you know that…

1. Franklin “Aks” Demonteverde (Representing Notre Dame Cotabato) placed 2nd to Sonny Dominguez at the Mindanao Voice of Democracy Oratorical contest. Sonny went on to the national – and placed 2nd to our friend and classmate at AdM College – Rufo Gonzalez. Rufo (R.I.P) was one of my most brilliant classmates, became a banker at FEBTC and a successful securities investor. Franklin was ex-MWSS chairman-now in the JBC. Sonny D. Is of course the “All-Star” in Dut’s Cabinet.

The Michelangelo of Mindanao

Brando Cedeño, Tabula rasa’s pride in sculpture, is fast becoming a name in the renaissance-style, classically realistically sculptured statues. He is the only one that I know that creates dramatic, anatomically-correct bigger-than-life statues. A prime example is the 15ft. “Resurrected Christ” in front of the GSIS Catholic church. One of his recent commissions is more-than-life size statues of the Stations of the Cross. When finished, these will attract hundreds of devotees during holy week. Brando, a graduate of Ford, started out as a painter- and at an excellent one at that. But we found his artistic calling in creating sculptural figures- first, in clay then molding these to create sculpture in long-lasting resin fiberglass which he finishes in bronze natural Stone.

I believe that Cedeño will eventually be the MICHELANGELO of not only Mindanao – but of ASIA. Of course, I’m biased.


DUT: “`To, natandaan yung na-abutan tayo ng malakas na lindol doon kina Abaya
doon sa pwc?”

TATO: (Pretending to recall this incident over 50 years ago)
“Oo, nga – natakot tayong dalawa”

DUT: “`Di ba nag-holding hands pa tayo sa takot?”

TATO: (Riding along – no choice PRESIDENTE na ang kausap!)
“Oo, Hanggang ngayon naalala ko pa…”

(NOTE: Mrs. Abaya was then the Principal of PWC and lived in a little white house where the RSM Center now stands. The Abayas had a POND – Where Gamay Sarena’s pet crocodile escaped to. But that’s another story…)

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