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Plain and Simple| Of wars and conflicts

Sad, very sad to see the spectacle of tanks and long arms all over the war zones of Syria, Turkey, Yemen, among others, all in the Middle East.

Sadder still is the novel corona virus that is practically crippling us. The world chills with this reality. The World Health Organization wants to assure us this can be contained but each day, we hear DOH Sec Duque announce that a new suspect is known.

I really did not bother about this virus because i was confident this can be contained asap. But as days went by, the news on CNN and Aljazeera talked about the first death is in the Philippines, ah that worries me a bit.
I followed Congress with Representatives who pretend to be experts. Nisamot akong worry. But still, I did not wear mask and I don’t wear mask as I write this column.

And it looks like Sec Duque is really not assuring us, the panic button is pushed with the increasing suspects of contamination. I do not want to think and imagine that this handling might increase into paranoia of ordinary people..

I listen to experts on CNN Philippines, CNN World and Aljazeera. But they are very assuring. Compared to SARS, this ncorona virus is weaker. But it can still kill.

What irritates me is meddling of politicos who have nothing, and they want to explain the views as if they are doctors if competence.

Back off, politicians. This is not your game of expertise. Get off.

People should heed the advice of MD experts especially those in the tropical diseases, microbiology. Don’t listen to media unless they are experts. Do not listen to me because I am a communication and theology professor with sports as a passion.

But this game of war in the Middle East is one virus or disease that has inflicted leaders. Look how many were killed, lives of children, men and women are wasted in this war. And for what?

One leader or country would like to dominate over the others. They are haughty because they have this overflowing oil so needed for industries. Without oil, we are poor. Nothing to brag out.

One plane with more than 170 people on board was intentionally shot with a missile. Bombing is everywhere in that part of the globe.
Peace is so elusive. It is not even a language there. War is real, as real as the array of bullets fired at imagined enemies.

What is there to hope? If hope is not in us, we might not struggle to see the light of day. But we keep hoping with our faith intact.

Meanwhile, bow your heads in supplication. Sit in a place that gives you serenity. Sip a cup of good coffee. If you have none, you can ask from our managing editor CQ Francisco. He might have an extra cup.

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