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In the field of visual art, so many things have been introduced and have evolved in materials used and ways of expression since the cave paintings to the classical period of the renaissance, the impressionism movement to modern art works. Despite the introduction of new and varied ways of art execution, most of these forms are still being practiced. Classical art is one of the most important art form that is still being taught in schools and applied by many artists today.

With the advancement of technology, we can create digital paintings but many artists still do the ways of the old using basically the same materials like canvas, brushes, oils and paint. This has become a standard and foundation for artists to develop their skills and talent in painting in many art schools around the world, including the Philippines.

The renaissance period boasts of great classical painting works by the masters like Leonado da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, El Greco, Van Eyck, Durer and many more. Their life and works have become inspirations for the next generation of artists to pursue classical painting. Presently, many artists young and old, men and women, create realism paintings motivated by the works of the great masters. Thanks to our local art schools, this art form is being preserved and practiced to train budding artists.

Fortunately, for those who want to pursue further development and for classical art hobbyists, Galvez Atelier offers art classes for classical art training. Thanks to artist Alfred Galvez and his partners for putting up Galvez Atelier where artists can get serious classical art training. Alfred Galvez is a graduate of the Philippine High School for the Arts and finished Fine Arts from the Unversity of the Philippines. He continued his art training in Florence, Italy and committed his life to learn and transfer his classical art skills and knowledge to other artists.

Last year, Galvez Atelier was awarded by the Art Renewal Center based in New Jersey, U.S.A. as ARC Approved Atelier meeting strict ARC standards as a skill-based education program in the visual arts, providing the appropriate level of instruction and a proper curriculum taught by individuals who possess knowledge in realist based art techniques to teach to others. Galvez Atelier holds different kinds of lessons from drawing to painting using a wide range of materials.

Classical artist Michael Britton taught at Galvez Atelier last year and this year he will be back again to teach Elements of Harmony and Alla Prima Portrait painting in March. For interested parties, Galvez Atelier is in #8 11th Jamboree Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City near Timog Avenue and can be contacted through their facebook page.

We are thankful that Galvez Atelier has been established to help train better classical artists. We not only have a window to see the works of the masters, but also a portal to go back to the good old ways of the masters in the visual art and learn their secrets, techniques and disciplines so we can also produce the masterly and beautiful works they created.

Photos from top left clockwise: Sketching from a copy of the Belvedere torso sculpted by Davao City based sculptor, Brando Cedeño, in one of the studios in Galvez Atelier in Quezon City. A gallery of student’s works in Galvez Atelier. Alfred Galvez and Jess Marie of Galvez Atelier with visiting Tabula Rasa artist Daryl Descallar in front of the atelier. The Art Renewal Center (ARC) Certificate of Approval. An advertisement of the upcoming classical painting lessons by artist Michael Britton at Galvez Atelier.

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