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Editorial | Containing the virus

The latest news that a visitor has tested positive for the 2019-nCov virus yesterday, officially puts the country in the health alert map as the virus continues to creep across the globe. What is disturbing is that some of those who submitted themselves to medical attention did not experience any symptoms such as coughs and colds.

The visitor tagged as the first case travelled to the cities of Cebu and Dumaguete in the Visayas, raising alarm in that part of country. Questions have been raised on the absence of a ban on tourists coming in from China: If other countries are already finding pro-active ways to confront this crisis, why can’t we impose a ban?

So far, it is only the Island Garden City of Samal that has imposed travel restriction starting yesterday on group tour travels from China and other Asian countries as a measure to protect the people from exposure to the virus. There are still tourists from China in many parts of the country.

Chinese Consul-General Li Lin, also announced early this week that his government has asked Chinese travel agencies to stop organizing group tours to Davao City starting Monday, January 27, until further notice to prevent the spread of the 2019-nCov.

We have been spared by the SARS and MERS virus in the past years. How we can contain the virus from spreading is a challenge not only faced by the Department of Health as there is a distinct possibility that it may soon become a national emergency. How fast we act to this new health scare will surely make a difference.

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