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Random Thoughts | On nation-building

“As this administration enters its fourth year, I am hopeful that all our policies and programs for the improved welfare of our citizens and the continues progress of the Philippines will be realized with the active participation of everyone. Let us begin anew with a strong commitment in our shared task of nation-building and ensure that all-out development efforts will be sustainable and inclusive, the President said (Roy C. Mabasa, “Duterte for strong commitment to nation-building, Manila Bulletin, January 2, 2020).


Because of my strong commitment and active participation to nation-building ever since, let me assist in laying out a “Roadmap for All-out Development” that will ensure sustainability and inclusivity for this administration consideration. My concept of future mapping is presented below:

Proposed Roadmap for all-out development in the Philippines

1. Know the present real state or quality of our Philippine Society. You will discover that it is indeed a truly sick one with triangular-shaped inhumane and unjust society, and with other social ills. Learn all why this is so and the imperative of Real Social Transformation to effectively address our predicament.

2. Fully understand what Real Social Transformation is about. It is a comprehensive and integrated societal change involving two elements. These elements are: 1) Systems or Structural thru honest-to-goodness Constitutional Reform, and 2) People Reform thru a well-conceived People Renewal Program.

3. Formulate and adopt officially a “shared vision and mission” for our nation. Please consider our tentative Shared Vision of: “A nation of God-loving people, united in diversity, with full democracy, a diamond shaped humane and just society, sustainable prosperity, and lasting pace.
This Vision, means Love of God and neighbors first before anything else. A country united despite being culturally diverse. Full Democracy would mean freest, self-rule, moral and really inclusive political system.

Diamond-Shaped Humane and Just society connotes equitable sharing and social justice for all its citizenry. Sustainable Prosperity denotes good stewardship, ecological balance and really inclusive economic system. Lasting peace means attainment of all the above stated goals.

The appropriate Mission of our Shared Vision is” “Pursue Real Social Transformation through the rebuilding of our nation and development of our human resource.”

Shared Vision and Mission will serve as the “guiding star” to our all-out development efforts.

4. For our people to strongly support an honest-to-Goodness Constitutional Reform to be able to establish truly inclusive political and economic systems and ensure truly inclusive growth in the Philippines. Inclusivity, by the way, means comprehensive or all-embracing or taking everything or every sector of our community into account. This means also that no one is left behind.

A Federal System is a genuine inclusive political system and a Modified Social Market Economy is a genuine inclusive economic system that we should adopt in our new Constitution. Other electoral and judicial reforms must be concomitantly adopted in our newly revised Charter.
For our government to officially adopt a People Renewal Program. In this connection it may consider our unique and one-and-only “Be a New Filipino” People Reform Program.

The Davao-based “Kilos Pederal sa Pagbabago” (KPP) Movement which is an arm of the “Tagapagtanggol ng Mamamayan Development Center” (TMDC), Inc. is launching its book titled “Go for real social transformation,” hopefully, this March or April. Undoubtedly, the book is very timely as a reference for the Duterte administration in its drive for wide-ranging reforms during the President of the incumbent.

However, there is this nagging issue of Filipino imperialists who replaced the Spanish and American imperialists. The former is now the “colonizers” of our people that perpetuate the status quo in our country that benefit their selfish interests. How will the Duterte administration handle these enemies of reform in our country/ President Duterte and his Cabinet must remember God’s admonition: “Love your enemies”

In my 2018 Pamphlet titled “Liberate our people, save our nation.” I quoted Edilberto C. de Jewsus; “The shift in political structure is a major surgery. What benefits will federalism bring, and by what means will they materialize? Which limbs or organs will the surgeon amputate? What foreign elements will they implant? How much will the operation cost? How long is the expected period of convalescence? The doctors prescribing the cure have not yet given a comprehensive explanation of the process to the patient?”

The five Steps we prescribed above comprehensively explain the process to Malacañang and our people. What will be the MODE for change? For our people to exercise “Direct Democracy thru People Mandated honest-go-goodness Constitutional Reform and People Renewal Program. Will President Duterte bite the bullet of a People Mandated CORE? We think President Duterte will for truly sustainable and inclusive growth he mentioned earlier. Yes, he will walk his talk! But let’s be more systematic in undertaking this bold move.

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