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Honoring my Mother | Repair resole rezip

What to do, what to do. Decisions always require deep thoughts, accompanied by the official hand-on-chin, and a little shaking of the head. At least that is how they depict it in comics. These momentary pauses, parodied with their cliched contemplative pose seem like the perfect pic for January, where a new beginning and a reboot from the past is traditionally expected of everyone.

In my case, it is looking down at all the scattered knickknacks in front of an almost-emptied shoe rack, and sorting out what needs to go and what needs to be kept. And repaired. There, my own version of the pregnant pause seems to say “what the heck?”, as I ponder at the mass of trainers. Not exactly profound and life-changing, like those set goals some might entry into their personal diaries and blogs, but I assure you, just as necessary.

Just between my boy and me, lay a whole bunch of old sneakers that have been set aside for future sentencing (dump or repair), but still stashed nonetheless because, as we’ve always come across bargains during the past year, and these old ones just kept piling up.

“So it begins,” as we meticulously assign them shoes, to either the black garbage bag or to the one meant for repair. A pair or two eventually meets the friendly neighborhood garbageman and their new home while the rest, we bring to the mall, either for stitching or re-soling. In a few days time, they will again be good as new, in competition with the new ones that occupy top rack.

In the case of the missus, she has sorted through her bags (women can’t seem to get enough of these) and our commonly-shared backpacks. While some have already been assigned to be shared with relatives, the rest are packed and readied for mending, parts replacement, and putting in new zippers. “We never throw old things away, if they’re still of use,” she says, slyly looking my way…

Such could be real life. Doesn’t really matter if we choose any month of the year for our reflections, but reflect just the same. Contemplate on whatever needs to be kept, improved on or thrown away. Decisions on old shoes and bags are by comparison, easy, but deciding whether to kick a habit or not, or improving on trying to be better person, or just being more understanding and emphatic, these require deep meditation. Hopefully, once all is done, February can then run as scheduled.

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